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How to Become a Premium Call Girl

Darling, your beauty could pay your car loan, college loan, or afford you the good life you always wanted, but you may have been doing it the wrong way. First, how many different ideas do you have that can pay $4,000 in a night? Guess you didn’t come up with so many ideas that do not require difficult-to-learn skills.

Now, the beautiful part. By just being yourself and having fun, you could earn more in a weekend than most people earn doing dreadful 9-5s. How exactly? Simple. By being a call girl in a city like New Jersey.


Who is a Call Girl?

A call girl is a female escort and higher-class sex worker who makes appointments by phone and does not display her work to the general public. What this means is that as a call girl, nobody except your clients has to know you are in the business.


What Services do Call Girls Render?

Call girls render different services to suit different clients, but it always boils down to what they are comfortable with. Depending on their sexual orientation, call girls can offer sex short time, usually by the hour or long time, overnight or weekend.

Some other sexual activities they may engage in are 69, blowjobs, and kinky fetishes as agreed between themselves and the clients.

Most times call girls are contacted for social activities such as going on dates with clients, following them for events or giving the girlfriend experience for a period. Ultimately, call girls offer escort services, intimacy, connection, and time to exchange for money.


What Benefits do Call Girls Enjoy?

Decent to high pay

Unlike roadside sex workers that may charge as little as $20.00 for sexual acts, call girls earn far better for even less strenuous and demeaning work. Because some call girls work with agencies, they are guaranteed better payment for their services. Call girls earn from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In most cases, you are at liberty to select your pay rate.


Flexible working hours

As a call girl, you only work when you want and for the number of hours you want. If you have a schedule outside work, you can still follow through without missing out on any end. If you want to work only a few hours a week, it is absolutely your decision. Also, if you are eager to earn more and you have more time at your disposal, you can clock in more hours to support yourself.


Work on your terms

Call girls literally call the shots on the activities they want to engage in and the clients they want to work with. Working on your terms places you in control of the places you want to go and the kind of people you want to meet. If you play your games well, being a call girl can set you up for life. What you make out of being a call girl is entirely up to you.


Build a network of contacts

As a call girl, you get to become the luxury escort for different people. The chances that you will meet clients of high social status are equally high. If you play right, you may meet people that could be useful in other situations and purposes. Some call girls have met top dignitaries, the elite, high-ranking government officials, and celebrities that have helped them advance their other careers or proved beneficial to them in more ways than one.


Access to events and exotic travels

You will meet different clients in diverse social settings. Sometimes, your job may warrant you travelling for an all-expense-paid vacation to some faraway island… those places you could only dream of and not save up for visiting. Clients could also require your service as an escort to top events in fashion, entertainment, and other social events that you already dream of. From these events, you can even network and meet people that could propel you to becoming what you want. It all depends on what you do with the opportunities that present themselves, from being a call girl.


Lifestyle change

Being a call girl can really be a life-changing experience. You get to afford the things you used to dream about. Also, you meet different calibres of people and gather experiences from travelling and connecting with people. As you may already know, meeting new people has a positive effect on your state of mind, another plus of working as a class girl is that you get to refresh your mind with every new encounter.

While it is not easy to put up with the lifestyle of a call girl if you already find it fun meeting new people, being a call girl gives you the opportunity of making money while having fun. It follows that you can earn enough from being a luxury escort to fund your real passion.


How to Become a Call Girl

Suppose you have given enough thought and decided to go into a profession that is as old as humanity itself; congratulations. It’s not an easy ride, but if you want to seclude yourself and make a success out of it, here are tips from trusted sources that have made it in the game:


Take care of your appearance

You have to be appealing to stand out and attract clients. Everybody is beautiful; it just takes finding the right way to style your hair, good clothes to fit, and sometimes, the right blend of makeup. Moving further from here, you also need to get in shape. Don’t wait till summer to get into shape. Hit the gym right away. If you need to, watch your diet and take proper care of your skin. The better effort you put into looking good, the higher potential clients value you.

In addition, when you look good, it increases your self-confidence and makes you more charismatic in social settings. Another win for you as an escort girl.


Make the right friends

The company you keep determines how far you will go. Even in the escort service industry, if you want to succeed, associate yourself with people who are either successes or on the verge of success. This increases your connection and chances that you get invited to hang out with the right kind of clients.


Learn the art of communication

Sometimes, clients will want you and not just because of bed-intimacy. Sometimes, they just need someone to talk to and spend time with. To be a successful call girl, you should have a disposition for entertainment. To really stand out, you may share exciting conversations with your clients and build a connection with them that keeps them coming back for more. Try to be fun around, but don’t overdo it. Be observant, know what ticks for each client, and you may win your way into their hearts.


Stay Healthy

Call girls are priced highly because they offer a better class than street workers. For your safety and the safety of your clients, go for regular check-ups, maintain healthy routines and clean up nicely. These factors also help to retain clients. In addition, learn to use what you have in better ways. Work your Kegels, and update your knowledge to give clients an experience they would relish.


Move to a Bigger City

If you live in a small town with little prospects of making a decent earning from call services, you may consider going to a city with better prospects. Stay in happening places and within the vicinity of the kind of clients you are after, such as New Jersey. Moving away from your small hometown also helps you keep your job secret. It reduces the likelihood that one day, your uncle will dial your service.


Use a Reliable Service

Being in the escort industry comes with its challenges already and can be risky. Being an independent call girl means nobody confirms the authenticity of these clients for you, which may put you in jeopardy. You may consider joining an escort service or agency to manage your business better. Besides running background checks for you, agencies also make it easier to land your clients. It also adds a touch of class to your service and increases your network to your advantage.


Things to avoid as a Call Girl

Sharing too much info

You may occasionally run into clients that get obsessed with you. Try your best to avoid sharing too much personal information with clients, as doing so may not be best for your business and privacy. Also, when on the job, it is helpful to keep away things that may identify you personally.


Using your personal line

Use a dedicated number for the job. Do not register to be a call girl with your personal phone number, as it may expose your address and other details you want to omit.

Payment issues

Always request for payment upon arrival and not after your time with the client is up. Doing so may make you lose money, especially when you deal with dishonest clients.

When you are paid in cash, don’t just assume the client paid correctly. Count the money to ensure you receive full payment. Also, check to ensure you are paid with authentic banknotes.

Not discussing terms before meeting

You need to be sure you know what you are getting into before you start. Some clients can be difficult to deal with. However, if you have a prior arrangement agreed upon, you can hold on to that. Gather information on your clients before hanging out with them and have someone trusted that you could share your location with to ensure your safety.

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