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NYC Surgeon Files for Divorce over Estranged Wife’s Controversial Side-Hustle

Dr. Han Jo Kim, an NYC-based orthopedic surgeon, has requested for the dissolution of his marriage after finding out that his wife moonlights as a premium call girl.

The surgeon who was married to a former Miss Connecticut, Regina Turner decided to call it quits with his wife, immediately preceding a public hearing that was to hold by 10 am, according to the spokesman for the state Office of Court Administration, Lucian Chalfen.

Kim, in a 264-page filing submitted at Manhattan Supreme Court, stated that his 32-year-old beauty queen wife conned him into making her his bride as she continued to play a sex hooker for rich men. For that reason, he wanted to put an end to their marriage.

According to the Surgeon, Regina, his estranged wife, has made over $700,000 in earnings from the Johns. Kim submitted divorce papers in December 2020, following a raunchy message his wife received from another, which he found on a computer in their Upper East home, as per court reports.

The duo went their separate ways in April 2021, after which Kim discovered to his dismay that his alienated wife had been in the prostitution business prior to their wedding on the 27th of November, 2015. He also discovered that she continued selling sex for money, even after they had gotten married. These findings were part of the complaint he filed at the Manhattan Supreme Court in July.

From the financial records of Regina Turner, there was over $675,030 allegedly deposited in the account between 2015 and 2021. The checks were traced to a real estate executive based in New Jersey and a UK-based Lighting Designer’s company.

It seemed unbelievable to the plaintiff at the hearing that the defendant would keep up with prostituting without regard for the mouth-watery income earned by her spouse as an orthopedic surgeon. It was even more baffling that she refused to give up her controversial work, despite his open-handed kindness to her, her ex-husband complained.

The former Miss Connecticut from 2011 allegedly lied to her husband about the kind of work she did when they were still dating. She had earlier informed him that she was developing an app that was garnering enormous support from well-to-do investors.

In the filings at the Supreme Court of Manhattan, Kim disclosed that when he asked her how she was able to take care of herself while building the app, Regina lied that she had inherited a $500,000 fortune from her great-grandmother and was living off it.

In reality, she was only able to access money she had earned through being a high-priced call girl for rich men, her ex-husband reported. He further disclosed that Regina lied that she was spending some time out with her girlfriends or had travelled for work, cooking up these lies as a cover for her actual work.

According to the same reports filed against her at the Manhattan Supreme Court, Turner had also fibbed about her education. She claimed to have majored in Chemistry at the University of Connecticut for 3 years. She also claimed to have taken a leave of absence to participate at the Miss USA Pageant in 2011. The orthopedic surgeon revealed that she did not even complete high school.

At the gathering, lawyers of both parties were reached but did not pass comment on the case, which has rocked most parts of Manhattan.


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